Ring in the New Year with Sydney’s Lost Paradise Festival


Lost Paradise returns to Sydney for another unimaginable New Year’s celebration! Find your vibe from December 28th– January 1st with impressive headliners like The Kooks, M.I.A, Joey Bada$$, and Oz native, Tash Sultana. The fifth edition of Lost Paradise promises “a mind-blowing four day and night celebration of life, love, and fun” where you can “feed your soul with music, art, revelry, connection, and discovery.”


3 day pass – $369 including camping

4 day pass – Sold Out


The festival boasts three fantastic venues. With so many great bands, it’s tough to decide which concert to attend, but don’t worry – we have you covered!


Arcadia Stage

The biggest venue of the three, Arcadia stage, gets the most popular artists like British indie-pop legends, the Kooks.  You also have woke American rapper, Joey Bada$$, who’s politically charged lyrics will convince you to fly back to America to fight injustice. A little piece of advice for our American readers, don’t overlook Aussie stars like Ball Park Music and Tash Sultana. You may not know of them (yet), but they will surprise you with a similar sound to Boy & Bear and Tame Impala, respectively.

Lost City

Arguably our favorite stage, Lost City, hosts the electric and house sounds that we crave. Our recommendation is that you listen to Biceps, Young Franco, and Yotto. Don’t forget to see Foals, the legendary math rock band that made the genre accessible to the public

Paradise Club

This venue is for the soul searcher who love underground music. It features UK Artist, Flava D who is coming off a stellar UK tour. Other notable artists include Elijah Something & Nate S.U, Side Boob, and SOHM.

The Bigger Picture

 Lost Paradise is more than a music festival. Hosted in a scenic forest with a beckoning stream, the venue is designed to remind us of our roots. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, art, and spirituality, Lost Paradise attracts a conscious crowd. This isn’t just a publicity stunt, the festival has gone ‘the extra kilometer’ to ensure their actions are in parallel with their marketing. Whether it’s their “remove your tent” competition or filtering recycling from trash bins by hand, you can rest assured that Lost Paradise has the well-being of the world in mind.

Lost Festival is a fantastic event to support. For our American readers, it’s time to take that trip you have been dreaming about. Life is short, live it up while you can!



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